MK Hall is the author of Empyrean Born and Empyrean Queen, an urban fantasy duet. She has several more stories in progress, from epic fantasy to sci-fi, all with an element of self-discovery and love. Her ultimate goal is to create elaborate worlds readers can become entirely lost in. After all, who doesn’t need an escape from reality for a while?

When she isn’t writing, she’s busy with her newly established editing business, working on the editing team for anthologies produced by Sand Kittens Press, Inc., and wrangling her brood of furbabies. She lives in the heart of the Midwest with her husband of 25+ years and has a (relatively) healthy obsession with all things cats, adores dogs, and absolutely loves connecting with new authors and readers.

Despite growing up under the impression that reading was a chore, books have consumed her adult life and now…she can’t get enough!