A Season for Romance: Summer Simmer

Hoping to reveal all shades of romance, we have gathered together twelve authors from around the world, including Canada, India, Lithuania, and the United States for this diverse and inclusive sweet romance anthology.

In Summer Simmer, you will find true love in a variety of genres and styles, from first kisses to second chances, at pivotal junctures and in bittersweet moments. There is beauty, tenderness, angst, and even some humor and sizzle in these carefully crafted stories meant to transport you to magical worlds where love is just moments away.

From the mythical past to contemporary times and into the future, a diverse cast of memorable characters await you. Marvel at mystical customs and extraordinary worlds. Everything is new but strangely familiar, for love is love no matter the era or circumstances. Come with us on this magical journey through time and space!

~ A diverse and inclusive anthology of 21 stories by 12 authors.

~ 10 stories feature diverse (PoC or LGBTQ+) main characters

~ Sweet MM, FF, and MF romance

~ Multiple genres: high fantasy, historical fantasy, urban fantasy, contemporary equestrian romance, espionage romance, futuristic romance and SF romance.

~ Prose poems from a Pushcart prize nominee.

~ Each story is complete and stands alone.

~ Some stories feature side characters from the author’s main work, giving a glimpse into complex worlds.